Zen Zone: Bring Peace to Your Bedroom

We all want a little less anxiety in our lives. When it comes to creating a zen zone at home, you should start with your bedroom. Your room isn’t merely the place to rest your head—it’s where you wake, and the vibe of your room can set the tone for the rest of your day. Below are five tips for bringing a peaceful vibe to your bedroom.

Calming colors. While red or orange may be your favorite fiery hue, when picking shades for your room, choose soothing, calm colors like light blue or a gentle gray.

Minimal patterns. Keep the fun, funky patterns for the living room throw pillows. Busy patterns can make us feel crowded and overwhelmed, so minimize zany patterns in your sleep space.

Clear of clutter. Create a sanctuary in your bedroom by clearing clutter, from laundry to oversized furniture. Spend a few minutes before bed each night storing any items you pulled out. Close the closet doors, put the books back on the shelves, and dive into bed with a clear head, and space.

Plantlife. Houseplants can boost mood, and pump more oxygen into the room. Choose a few easy-to-care for plants, like a fern or a ficus, and place them where you can see them when you wake.

The right light. While blackout shades can be great for blocking disruptive light, they can also negatively impact your sleep patterns by keeping your body from waking at its natural time. Find a set of blackout curtains that filter light but allow you to wake in the morning naturally.

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