Why You Should Sell Your Home during the Holidays

holiday-open-houseDespite the fact that most shy away from listing their home during the holidays, it’s actually a great time to sell your home. Below are reasons you should deck your halls—and then sell them.

Time Off – The holidays are a great time to sell! There can be people relocating before the New Year, or people who have time off to shop for a home.

Weather – It can be good for buyers, too, because in states with wet weather, buyers will see homes when it matters, not when the sun has dried everything out and made everything look pretty. After all, roofs never leak in August!

Blackout Dates – For sellers, avoid stress by advertising the days you don’t want to show your home so you are not bothered—maybe Christmas Eve/Day, New Year’s Eve/Day, and Thanksgiving weekend. It causes a lot of stress on whomever maintains the home to worry about providing a happy holiday and keeping the house clean!

Decorations – Decorate to the hilt! Have fun! It will exemplify the love you have for your home. Personal holiday photos are an exception; you still want to keep the house rather “mute” as far as truly personal innuendo. That is the only thing that might turn off a buyer.

Variables – Many sellers and their agents argue about the best time to sell. The reality is that if you want to sell, the best time is usually now. A day, a week, or a month can change interest rates, the economy, the political climate, and even your health. Selling a house is hard, and if you want to sell, why put it off if you can do it now?

 By Matt Parker


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