Which Fall Chores Should You Tackle First?

Running down your list of fall chores? Rebecca Edwards at safewise.com reminds homeowners across much of the mid to northern regions of the country that now is the time to get your yard ready for winter. According to Edwards, the right preparation now will save you time and energy when spring rolls around, and will keep you and your family safe in the yard year-round.

To make sure you get the most out of your yard next year, here’s a sampling from Edwards’ checklist ‘MUST-DOs’ this fall:

Dry everything out. Edwards says drain all water from hoses, fountains, and drip irrigation systems, and store them in a dry place. Water left standing over the winter may damage your equipment.

Aerate. Break up soil to keep water from pooling and guarantee that nutrients will reach the roots over the winter. Edwards says a garden fork will do the job for small yards, but larger yards may require a walk-behind aerator, which should be available to rent for a reasonable price.

Rake and mulch. If left unattended Edwards says fallen leaves can suffocate grass. So she says rake them up, shred them, or use a lawn mower to mulch leaves, and use that mulch for young trees, shrubs and flower beds.

Protect the deck. Edwards says prevent the growth of mold and mildew by giving your decks a good power wash. Once the deck is clean and dry, add a weatherproofing stain to protect the wood from moisture damage over the winter.

Clean and store tools. Don’t throw your gardening tools in the shed and forget about them until spring. Edwards says take time to give them a good cleaning and add a light coat of oil to prevent rust.

Edwards says if you follow her complete checklist, you’re bound to have a wonderfully winterized yard that will be ready to wow with lush green-ness once warm weather returns.

SOURCE: John Voket


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