Virtual Cookouts

April 4, 2020

Is there really anything better than a good old fashioned cookout? Typically when we think of a cookout we think of a warm, sunny day filled with family and friends gathering in your background eating delicious barbecue. Unfortunately, given the current reality we are all living in, we have to get a little more creative to make that happen. Cue the Virtual Cookout! Since the beginning of April, every week we pick a protein to showcase and on Saturday we log into a video conference service and share our finished product, a few beers and a ton of laughs! With all the stress and anxiety people have been facing during the Covid-19 pandemic, I truly feel that this weekly virtual cookout has given everyone something to look forward to every week. Although we may not be together physically, we are still together in sharing our passion and love for barbecue. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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