Three Must-Have Accessories to Accent Your Summer Soiree

b2436269faf5176bd4f047bce7960649-1-225x300There is plenty of summer left for partying and hosting guests and family at your home. So to make your summer gatherings more interesting, consider acquiring one or more of these summer party must-haves to spice up anything from an intimate get together, to a full fledged soiree.

When pursuing, the Melamine Berry Colander from popped out as a perfect party accoutrement. And since fresh berries make a great, healthy appetizer or dessert, this colander lets you present them in a fun, colorful way.

The smooth interior is gentle on the flesh of fruits, and the large holes on the side provide quick draining. Pick up one ore more for between $6 and $10 through numerous online and retail locations.

Liz Stanley who posts at suggests that any outdoor party will benefit from using the white collapsible mesh food tents available from

Tenting your serving platters with these mesh tents let your entertain outdoors with confidence, with out worrying about pesky pests attacking the food. The set of three mesh tents can be used to protect a variety of foods, plus they’re collapsible for easy storage. The set of 3 runs about $9.

Renowned New York event and catering leader Abigail Kirsch ( says if you’re looking to brighten up the night – but tiki torches aren’t your think – create the perfect ambiance with colorful LED Glow Balls available through

Spread the varying size spheres along the perimeter of your lawn/garden, or line them up your walkway for the ultimate grand entrance. Gent LED light diffuses from within these free-floating orbs, with static white, colored, or continually changing color for a magical effect.

Made of unbreakable and waterproof polyethylene, the base set includes remote control, and charging station. Fully charged, each light’s battery provides up to eight hours of ambient light.

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