Where Real Estate Meats BBQ!

You may be wondering what this whole BBQ Broker thing is all about. Well, allow me to briefly explain. I’m a full-time realtor and have been for almost 15 years. I’ve also been a lover of good BBQ for a very long time! After I purchased a Big Green Egg, my love of eating good BBQ turned into a love of cooking good BBQ. Over the past few months, I have decided to merge my two passions. When I sell a house to you, I smoke a brisket and bring it to your house warming party. Not only does it satisfy my passion for BBQ, but it allows me to reconnect with clients that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. It also gives me the opportunity to make some new connections!

After all, BBQ is all about good food, family and friends, and being together. One of the places that happens is at your home. And, just like that, The BBQ Broker was born. It just made sense. 




April 28, 2019 | Tewksbury, MA

Our next client housewarming party brought us to Tewksbury! Our clients traded in city living for a quiet neighborhood on the North Shore of Boston and they couldn’t be happier. This cook was by far our longest. This beautiful 15 lb prime full packer brisket cooked for a record 11.5 hours. A houseful of hungry guests happily took this beast down! As we have a few of these parties under our belt, we really can’t help but feel so grateful for our wonderful clients. They are not only clients, but really became friends. It’s so satisfying to see them in their element in their new home, happily celebrating with friends and family. Another reason why BBQ and real estate really do go hand-in-hand. Stay tuned to see what we have lined up for the rest of the Spring season! 

Client Birthday Party

April 7, 2019 | Wakefield, MA

It’s always such a pleasure when friends and neighbors become clients. After over 50 years in their home, our clients/neighbors are moving onto the next chapter in their lives. Their home sold for over asking after just the first open house! We are thrilled to make that happen for them. True to our promise, they got their brisket! Our client’s daughter, who also happens to be our neighbor recently threw her dad a birthday party and the BBQ Broker was there to provide a 14 lb Prime Beef Briket for a household of their family members. Another successful transaction and party in the books!

908 Cigar Lounge - Woburn Elks Event

March 6, 2019 | Woburn, MA

An epic night at the 908 Cigar Lounge – Woburn Elks! Fellow member, Ed LeFave and I threw down some serious BBQ for 40 guests. Ed dominated pulled pork and I handled the brisket. About 30 lbs of prime brisket seemed to do the trick to feed this hungry crowd. Slow smoked to perfection over a 6 hour period, rest time of 2 hours and it was good to go. Tender, juicy and a big hit! Good time, good people, great food!

Housewarming Party

January 12, 2019 | Arlington, MA

We kicked off our first official BBQ Broker Brisket Party at our client’s beautiful home in Arlington. They welcomed their friends and family to see their gorgeous home and enjoy some good food and good company. We arrived with a 13 lb full packer brisket slow smoked on the Big Green Egg for 10 hours. What better to compliment the brisket than our homemade BBQ sauce, our favorite sweet vinegar slaw and our house made garlic dill pickles. The entire brisket was demolished by the hungry crowd in less than 15 minutes! Our client’s said their daughters absolutely loved the pickles too and were putting their own cucumbers in the brine after the party. If that doesn’t sound like the recipe of a successful party, then I don’t know what does.