November 28, 2019

Who says you can’t eat brisket on Thanksgiving? This year, my wife and I served a turkey and a brisket for our family on Thanksgiving. We did this for the first time last year and it was a huge hit! My wife took the reigns on the turkey, while I got up in the wee morning hours to get the brisket rolling. The brisket was Angus Top Choice and was super tender & juicy. I smoked it with 100% hickory wood on The Big Green Egg at 255 degrees. Once it reached 170 degrees internal, I wrapped it in pink butcher paper and continued cooking until 203 degrees. You can see from the picture just how juicy it is! Of course, I had to show the beautiful turkey too! What a meal we feasted on. My wife prepared all the traditional Thanksgiving sides and we enjoyed a perfect day with our family.

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