How to Ban Bunnies From Your Yard

While you may love the look of a snuggly bunny, gardeners know how wild rabbits can be a devastating problem. To protect your yard from rabbits, you first need to identify their presence. Because they often come out at dawn and sunset, you may rarely see them. These are the top signs that you’ve got rabbits: Plant damage low to the ground, often a few inches... (more)

5 Summer Outdoor Entertaining Tips

Summer brings plenty of opportunities to enjoy time outdoors entertaining family and friends. The key to a successful summer party is simplicity: keep things easy so you can enjoy the festivities right along with your guests. Make this season’s barbecues, picnics and family gatherings events to remember with these simple summer entertaining tips: Cook outside Rather... (more)

Effortless Spring Entertaining

Spring brings plenty of reasons to celebrate, from holidays to weddings to baby showers. Even a just-because al fresco brunch is a great way to share time with family and friends while taking advantage of a beautiful day. Make hosting your next spring gathering a breeze with these entertaining tips for organizing an effortless event: Set the stage for a beautiful... (more)

Wise Ways to Water Your Yard

Whether you’re in a community with watering restrictions or not, it’s common sense to look for ways to maximize efficiency when watering your lawn and gardens. Here are some tips to help you use water wisely: • Understand your soil. The soil type in your yard will greatly affect your watering schedule and influence the type of sprinkler you choose. •... (more)

Creating Appeal: 8 Home Staging Tips That Work

First impressions count – and experienced real estate professionals know that a clean, an attractively organized home will pique buyer interest and sell more quickly than its neighbors. Clients tend to focus not on what the house could potentially become, but on how it looks on their first walk-through. If the front door is peeling, or the kitchen is a mess,... (more)

Spring Dilemma: To Gutter, or Not to Gutter

Every year as the spring season rolls around, I’m reminded of the adage that “April showers bring May flowers.” And like the countless drops of water in each April shower, there are just as many opinions when it comes to rain gutters. A few years back, Katahdin Cedar Log Homes in Oakfield, Maine, published a concise but comprehensive article reviewing... (more)

4 Bedroom Upgrades that Won't Break the Bank

Upgrading your bedroom might sound like a daunting task. You may assume it costs an arm and a leg, takes months and requires professionals to complete. However, upgrading your bedroom doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank, or your back. Investing in a few quality upgrades to some bedroom essentials can make your life less stressful and more cost- and energy-effective. Whether... (more)

6 Home Maintenance Tasks You Didn't Know You Were Forgetting

In all likelihood, your home is the biggest investment you’ll make in your life. To protect that investment, turn to regular maintenance tasks to ensure that your home will be running efficiently for years to come. Most folks are already aware of this. But if you feel like you’re mastering your home maintenance, you may be surprised to learn that... (more)

6 Ways to Add Designer Style to Your Home

Want to add a bit of fashion-forward style to your home? According to celebrity designer Taniya Nayak, there are several steps you can take—both big and small—to put your dwelling on the cutting edge. Consider one of these DIY style trends, courtesy of Nayak and Frog Tape painter’s tape: 1. Create an oasis in your home by adding floral or banana leaf accents,... (more)

5 Ways to Springify Your Home

Winter got you down? Bring a little spring into your home long before the season arrives with these few simple tricks: Set a flower budget. While it’s certainly not a necessary expense, adding an arrangement of fresh flowers to your home weekly might be well worth the mood-boosting value they bring. Opt for your local supermarket instead of the florist... (more)

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