Dodge Winter Lawn Damage

Winter conditions can present a wide range of challenges to your lawn and landscape, but there are precautions you can take to protect your lawn, as well as your trees and shrubs, from seasonal harm. Preventive steps from the lawncare experts at TruGreen can help your lawn survive the winter season’s harsh elements. Snow Plow Damage Install brightly-colored... (more)

Avoid 5 Spring Lawn Care Fails

As this year’s winter finally ends, homeowners will be faced with the same challenge they are faced with every single year: how does one keep a healthy, dark green lawn looking its best? Unfortunately, many homeowners will make mistakes that set back the health of their lawn and they don’t even know it. “When it comes to having a nice lawn,... (more)

Beautiful Green Lawns Boost Neighborhood, Resale Values

By John Voket Curb appeal is one thing, but healthy green lawns also contribute to the amount of green homeowners might command when selling a home. A recent post from Grass Seed USA – a national coalition of grass seed farmers and academic turf specialists ( – reveals how homes and homeowners in neighborhoods flush with lush lawns... (more)

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