Striving to Host an Environmentally Friendly Summer Celebration?



Handy tips for environmentally friendly summer celebrations: 

• If you use disposable plates or napkins, look for those made from recycled content. Avoid polystyrene foam products. “Compostable” utensils and plates are only “greener” if you have made arrangements for composting them.

• For light snacks, try to serve “finger foods” that can be served with minimal plates and utensils.

• Use cloth or reusable tablecloths instead of disposable paper or plastic.

• Serve drinks from pitchers or bottles rather than individual drink bottles.

• For favors or centerpieces, choose edible or plantable items, which are less likely to end up in the trash. Or buy local flowers or plants from local farmers or “pick your own” locations.

• Provide separate containers for trash and recycling and have them clearly marked.

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