Renting a Vacation Home? Bring These 5 Items

It’s vacation time, and the whole family is looking forward to the change of scene. But lake or beach house kitchens are notoriously hit and miss when it comes to kitchen amenities. Before you set off down the road and wind up at the end of your journey with a great bottle of wine and no reasonable way to open it, check out this list of kitchen helpers you should not leave your own home without:

Two good knives – If you’re planning to cook, you won’t want to be stuck with knives that can’t cut butter. A decent chef’s knife and paring knife won’t take up much room and will make your kitchen prep time easier.

Corkscrew – You don’t need anything fancy, but a classic corkscrew – and maybe a sturdy can and bottle opener – will ensure you get your favorite liquid refreshment, whatever it happens to be.

Vegetable peeler – You can use a knife to peel those ‘taters if you have to, but a peeler takes up little space and makes the chore of peeling veggies far easier and quicker.

Coffee maker or French press – If you can’t start your day without that just-right cup of joe, don’t rely on what passes for a coffee maker in many vacation home kitchens. Take your coffee maker with you, or get an inexpensive French press, so you can savor the brew along with the view.

Plastic bags and storage containers – If you’ve ever been stranded in a lake or beach house with no way to store your leftovers, save yourself a repeat and take some plastic gear with you. For that matter, pack sturdy paper plates and plastic cutlery and save yourself (or someone else) a lot of dishwashing time.

Source: Barbara Pronin

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