How to Add Creativity to Your Walls

955ab6932e500d62e28d559d10db1fa4How to Add Creativity to Your Walls

Looking to move past solid colors and boring family photos? Below are 5 creative ideas for adding flair and flavor to your walls.

Get wordy.
Whether you’re a logophile or are just looking to amp up the playful vibe of your space, adding large text to your wall can be innovative and inspirational. You can purchase a variety of word hangings online, or create your own with stencils for a literal conversation starter right on your own wall.
Create a mirror collage.
We all know a mirror on the wall can open up a room and throw lots of luscious light. But by using many smaller mirrors to create a pattern or design, you can add the benefit of a unique, boho vibe. Choose mirrors in various shapes, or with different frames.

Hang a rug.
Remember the old tapestries of your dorm room? Hanging a nice, well-made floor rug on the wall is the adult version of this decorating phenomenon. Whether you want a bold color pop or a bright design, pick a large blank wall and go wild.
Vertical plants. Snag some aesthetically pleasing wall planters or sconces, pop in your favorite succulents or hanging plants, and create a botanical masterpiece.

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