Cool Kitchen Gadgets Too Cute to Pass Up

There are gadgets that simply make life easier, and then there are those that not only do the job, but that are just too cute to pass up.  Kitchen divas–or wannabe kitchen divas–need to check out these seven worthwhile gizmos:

The ultimate hot dogger.  Love a good hot dog?  Pop both the hot dogs and buns into this bright red retro toaster-for-two, then add the mustard and kraut.  You can do it for about $20.

Clip-on colander.  Tired of hauling out that big colander to drain the water out of the pasta?  Strain it with ease, using a lightweight gadget that clips on to the pasta pot.  Available for about $12.

Quick and easy breakfast champ.  Having a small space shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a complete breakfast.  This three-in-one breakfast center lets you fry your egg on the oven-top griddle, toast a biscuit in the toaster oven and brew a hot pot of coffee all at the same time.  It’s a steal at about $35.

Chef n’cob corn stripper.  Don’t be that person who tries to strip an ear of corn and winds up with kernels all over the kitchen.  This clever corn stripper will make you an expert for only about $7.

Dinosaur soup ladle.  Show off your homemade soup by serving it at the table with an adorable dinosaur shaped ladle that takes no space to stow away because it stands up on the counter and smiles at you.  A must-have at under $20.

The Sushi Bazooka.  Want to look like an accomplished sushi chef? The Sushi Bazooka makes it easy to create perfectly round sushi rolls at home.  The tube opens up so that you can pack it with layer of rice on both sides and veggies or fish in the middle.  All you have to do is close the tube, push the roll out and wrap it in nori.  And thanks to this gadget, you can it for under $15.

Spaghetti measurer.  Never know how much spaghetti to cook?  This nifty measurer tells you just how much to cook for a kid, the average grown-up and the big eater.  This nifty took will set you back about $11.

SOURCE: Barbara Pronin