Cool & Easy Painting Projects for a Sizzling Summer Day

fbc355f79fb56067d55d5e5737012061I know it’s one thing to intent to complete that little paint gin project, and it’s another to buckle down and do it – especially at the height of sizzling summer!

But the folks at the Paint Quality Institute say there are loads of small-scale painting projects that can easily be completed early in the morning or late in the afternoon, times of the day when you won’t wilt in the sun.

Spending just a couple hours repainting the front door is a prime example, says Debbie Zimmer, paint and color expert for the Paint Quality Institute. Switching to a completely different door color can give your home an entirely new appearance – a great way to get a big return on a small amount of sweat equity.

Or, Zimmer says, paint your shutters – in stages. Take on just two at a time then repeat the process for as many days as necessary. You’ll get more efficient as you go, and soon, all your shutters will be sporting new hues.

Adding an accent color in an expected place is another no-sweat way Zimmer says to spice up your exterior. Try painting windows surrounds in a color complementing the frames. Or, pick an interesting architectural detail and introduce a new hue there.

You want an even less demanding? Zimmer says daba hot punch color on your mailbox, lamppost, or birdhouse as a quick and easy after supper chore.

Finally, heed Zimmer’s warning – there is a time to put your paint brush aside – namely, when weather gets north of 90 degrees. She says this type of excessive heat may keep your paint from “curing” properly, and that’s something to avoid.


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