Budget-Friendly Ways to Fix Up Your Home for the Holidays


By Cannon Christian

The holidays are around the corner and so are all those family and friends just waiting to visit and share a little holiday spirit. While playing host and celebrating the season’s cheer, you want to be proud of the spaces within your home.

If you are like most Americans, you will spend an estimated $730 on gifts, food, décor and other festive additions. You don’t want to add a massive renovation to the list of expenses. Not to mention the added stress the holidays can bring.

Not to worry, you can still make smart, budget-friendly enhancements to your home without spending a fortune. Rethink typical renovations, and pick smaller projects that yield significant impacts.

Here are a few simple tips:

Kitchen: Take on one of the most expensive rooms to remodel and optimize space without breaking through walls by adding in a serving buffet underneath your cabinets. The new piece will offer additional room to showcase your holiday feasts. After the season is over, it will make a great space for potted plants or to display family photos. Upgrading sinks and countertops can be expensive. Do it in stages, such as adding a modern sink and faucets. For added color, throw in small details like hanging a lamp or plants above the sink or purchasing new window treatments.

Living Room: Have you always wanted a fireplace to keep you warm and cozy during those winter months but never had the expenses to install a chimney? Think outside the box this year by turning an empty corner or wall into a comforting space by adding a faux fireplace.

Outdoor Patio: Living in San Diego, we are blessed with warmer winter weather. Candlelit, outdoor dinners and patio parties are great options for the holidays, but not all of us can afford the high costs of installing a patio. Don’t throw out the idea completely. See if an unused spot in your yard could be converted. Level the ground and install stepping-stones or bricks. Decorate with inexpensive patio furniture, umbrella and outdoor candles.

Bathroom: The bathroom can be a money-eating beast after cracking through porcelain and tearing up walls for added space and light. But homeowners don’t have to take such drastic steps to create a fresh look. Repainting with brighter colors is one quick fix. Adding ambient light fixtures or sconces along the sides of mirrors can brighten the room further. Choose new fixtures for the towels, which can also be selected for an improved look when guests arrive. Another touch: add small decorative mirrors and inexpensive designer touches to the walls, such as photos and paintings in interesting frames.

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