Bathroom Heaven: Creating a Spa Oasis

Transforming your bathroom into a personal home spa allows you to come home to a relaxing environment every day.  By making space and removing clutter, along with adding decorative touches, you can achieve a stylish spa-like atmosphere in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you enjoy the understated, nature-inspired colors or the calming atmosphere, a spa-like bathroom can be beautiful, welcoming and relaxing.  Escape the ordinary with these cabinetry ideas from the experts at Wellborn Cabinet:

Float your vanity.  When it’s time to retreat, a spa-like bathroom promises sanctuary in its design.  Floating vanities mount directly to the wall, providing more floor space and creating a streamlined look.  By mounting the vanity to a wall, the space is broadened, naturally making the bathroom look and feel larger while allowing for height customization.

Although the aesthetic benefits often come at the cost of limited under-sink storage space, this potential pitfall can-be overcome with a customizable U-shaped drawer option designed to fit around the sink plumbing in your bath, allowing you to use all that under-counter space.

Clever, concealed storage.  Style and functionality combine in bath cabinets and vanities designed to create your own private retreat where your space is serenely ordered and uncluttered.  Common amongst spa-like bathroom styling is a clutter-free space, which allows for everything to be hidden behind the cabinet doors, making storage solutions vital.

To get the spa-like bathroom look, consider adding organizational solutions like a tiered spice rack, sliding shelves and vanity appliance pull-outs.  A tiered spice rack keeps your cabinets organized and makes your morning routine easier.  Sliding shelves can make your mornings less hectic with a gentle pull that brings bath essentials right to you.  Conveniently store hairstyling tools in one location without compromising design or space with vanity appliance pull-out.

Incorporate ample lighting.  Design with relaxation in mind; the calm, warmer natural-color tones and ambient lighting help lend a relaxing vibe.  Cabinet lights adds depth, dimension and visual interest to a bathroom.  An idea lighting design goes beyond a centralized ceiling fixture and includes multiple layers of light.

Lighting in the bathroom is essential; illumination for everyday tasks can make your bath appear larger, add warmth and set the right mood.  Lighting may also be designed to tuck cleanly inside and under cabinets to provide well-placed light without visible fixtures or distracting wires.

Infuse natural elements.  Nature can be infused into the design by playing on textures with metals, earthy color tones, the graining in the cabinetry and the addition of a subtle waterfall separating the his-and-her vanity to provide a relaxing retreat.

Source: Wellborn Cabinet

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