8 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Summer

Summer is just around the corner which means it’s time to spruce up your home and get ready for the warm weather. Here are eight useful tips to get your home ready for the season.

Check cooling units – Check that your air conditioning units are running properly, especially with the high temperatures that usually occur during the summer months. If you have an AC unit that you run daily, make sure to wash the filters every month. This can keep your energy bill down.

Get the BBQ grill ready! – Heat the grill for 10 minutes at a high temperature so it’s easier to scrape off gunk and grease on the inside of the grill. Disconnect the gas line and allow the grill to cool off and then use soap and warm water to wash the grates, burners, and drip tray. Finally, wipe down the grill’s exterior before putting everything back together.

Fix the sprinklers – Check for any winter damage, including broken heads and cracked pipes, by running your sprinkler one zone at a time. Replace any bubbling or geyser-like sprinklers with a new head.

Touch-up the paint – Summer is often the best season to touch-up your home with a fresh coat of paint. Not only does it protect your house from water damage and mold, but it also gives your home a fresh look. Preventive touch-ups can also save you a lot of money. Before painting, consider pressure washing the exterior walls of your home to remove dirt, stains and mildew that paint can’t hide.

Trim trees and shrubs – Inspect the trees and shrubs on your property and cut any tree limbs or shrubs that touch your house. Summer winds can cause these to rub on your roof or siding, resulting in serious damage that could be costly to repair.

Pest control – Summer months can also bring pesky summer insects who invade your home. Spray the exterior of your house with a preventative insecticide to create a bug barrier and make sure to repair or replace screen doors or windows that have holes or tears. Inside your home, you should look under the sink and other warm areas for cockroach nests. Call an exterminator or use bug bombs to prevent an infestation before the little critters get a chance to grow.

Protect the deck – Preparing the deck is not just dusting off the furniture and refilling the gas grill. You need to inspect the boards, support system, railings, and spindles to make sure they are all secure so no accidents happen. Tighten any loose screws and sand down boards that look like they might cause splinters. To protect the wood from sun and water, consider applying a sealant, wood stain or paint to give your deck a longer life.

Secure your pool – If you have a pool, make sure you have proper safety fencing and gates installed around the perimeter. Check that all latches are in working order and secured.

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