8 Smartphone Apps Every Homeowner Must Have

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase, “There’s an app for that!” It’s true. There’s an app for almost everything – even for homeowners – helping to make life a little easier. Here are eight handy apps every homeowner should have.

Centriq –  Once you unbox and set up home appliances, it’s easy to lose the owner’s manual and directions if you don’t have a special place to keep them. That’s where Centriq comes in. Simply snap a picture of a product label or name plate, and Centriq will load the warranties and manuals into the app. It also shares information about replacement parts, streams videos for fixing and cleaning the appliance and alerts you about product recalls.

Happy Plant – This simple app allows the user to create a watering schedule for your grass and garden and sends notifications to your phone so you don’t forget. To make the chore fun, Happy Plant tracks watering progress with colorful symbols. It also encourages you to take plant selfies and turn them into a time-lapse video to monitor your plant’s growth.

Houzz – Houzz has everything you need for your next home improvement project. Whether you’re looking to build, remodel, or redecorate your home, Houzz comes up with thousands of pictures and products for you. You can shop for products you see right in the app and connect with the best professionals to help you with your home improvement project.

iScape (Apple® IOS only) – Not sure how to improve your landscaping? This app lets you take a picture of your current yard, then select improvements, such as fresh grass, mulch, flowers, trees and décor to visualize your new outdoor oasis.

JouleBug – This is the perfect homeowner app if you are interested in sustainability and lowering your energy consumption. The app lists practices and habits you can employ to save energy and water and lower your bills.

HomeZada – This app has many different home-related functions. The app keeps track of finances related to homeownership; from your mortgage to your property taxes. It automates home maintenance by managing deadlines and duties (like changing the AC filter), and sending routine reminders until you complete the tasks. If you’re starting a renovation project, HomeZada also has a budgeting feature that tracks your spending and compares costs.

Letgo – Letgo allows homeowners to have a virtual garage sale. Simply take a photo of the item(s) you want to sell or give away, and post it to the app in a matter of seconds. People who live nearby can then message you through the app, safely coordinating the transfer of items.

Mint – You can connect your bank and credit card accounts, as well as your monthly bills, so all your finances are in one convenient place. Mint notifies you when bills are due, what you owe and what you can pay. It sends you payment reminders so you can avoid late fees, and even offers a free credit score check.

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