8 Cheap and Easy Kitchen Facelifts

12-cottage-kitchensIf there’s not enough money in the budget to remodel your kitchen, Lowe’s home designers suggest you browse the aisles of your home store for ideas and give the room a whole new look with a few cheap and easy makeover options.

Paint the walls – Paint covers a multitude of sins and freshens up even the dullest kitchen. If you make one change to your kitchen, paint it – and opt for a color different from the old one.

Transform the cabinets – Use a brush or roller to paint wooden cabinets or, if you’re a bit braver, apply new wood or vinyl veneers to change the look of laminated cabinets.

Switch out the hardware – Shiny new cabinet and drawer pulls can make a huge difference to your kitchen – and there are literally hundreds of styles  to choose from.

Replace appliance hardware – Spiff up your old stove and oven with new knobs. You can also change out those pans under your stove’s burners for a cleaner look overall.

Get a shiny new sink – Choices include stainless steel, enamel-coated cast iron, and composites – as well as single bowl or double bowl, top mount or under mount models.

Change the faucet – For a fun and inexpensive modification, get a new fixture. A spray attachment can come in handy, as can a faucet with a built-in soap dispenser.

Alter the lighting – A blend of overhead, natural and under-cabinet lighting can make the kitchen glow. You’ll finally be able to see what you’re cooking. You might also want to add a dimmer switch to your new lighting for times when you want the room a little mellower.

Add some simple new décor – To give your kitchen a new look – say, farmhouse, rustic or modern – buy some framed prints to hang on the walls – and add small design touches such as glass canisters, a cookie jar you love, and/or vase or pitcher of flowers. Complete the look and color scheme with new kitchen towels and potholders.