7 Things You Should Never Do To Your Home

47843e689d66c8087e2711aa805132d0By Barbara Pronin

New homeowners can be overwhelmed with the list of things they should do to their homes – clean the gutters & replace the furnace filters, for example. But, say the Wall St. Journal’s home advisors, there are at least 7 things a homeowner should never do – and here’s why:

Don’t do your own plumbing chores – No matter how handy you think you are, leave the plumbing to the pros, experts say. The risks are high if you mess up, and homeowners may not have a good grasp on building codes and safety requirements.

Don’t do electrical work – The same caveats apply here, and the greatest risk of all is electrocution!

Don’t be too quick to remove a wall – It may seem like a great idea to give yourself a little extra space. But don’t do anything until you check with a contractor or an engineer to ensure the wall you want to remove is not a load-bearing wall.

Re-think a bump out – In the same vein, think twice about moving a wall only slightly to gain a little space. Contractors say these little bump outs are too costly. You’ll get more bank for your beck opening a new space on a bigger scale.

Don’t remodel too much – By the same token, give plenty of thought before you start remodeling. If you want the best return on your investment, keep remodeling costs in line with with other homes in your neighborhood are worth.

Don’t neglect your yard – Bad front yards anger the neighbors and bring down the property values. Don’t be the one who doesn’t get around to cleaning up and caring for the yard.

Don’t forget not everyone loves your pets – even if the pep smells, hair and stains don’t bother you, they likely bother your guests – and they will certainly bother potential buyers, so keep the carpets clean and open the windows when you can.

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