7 Quick Tips for Surviving the Back-to-School Rush

Whether you view the coming of the new school year as a welcome break from bored-kid syndrome or as a too-fast end to the lazy days of summer, one fact is universal; getting the new school year underway rarely comes without stress.

From mom-bloggers, students and family counselors, here are seven timely tips for surviving and thriving during the back-to-school rush:

Check the closets. Spend an afternoon having kids try on last year’s school duds. Keep, hand down, or donate what does and doesn’t work, and make a list of what needs to be purchased. Shop for best buys online and in-store.

Shop school supply sales. Notebooks, pencils, backpacks and the like will never be cheaper. Get the shopping done faster by setting up playdates with friends.

Set up a planning calendar. Posting a big monthly calendar where everyone can see it is a must for keeping track of appointments, practices and after-school activities, and the only way to avoid messy conflicts.

Work out carpools. Carpools save gas and make life easier. For kids going to the same school, after-school classes, etc., now’s the time to set up carpools with other parents.

Schedule medicals, etc. It’s also time to make medical and dental appointments, especially physicals for kids who participate in sports.

Get a head start on lunches. PB&J and all things lunchbox are on sale now at most stores, so stock your cupboards and freezers. If you can manage it, bake up a few batches of breakfast breads or muffins, so all you need to add is cereal or eggs and fruit.

Get kids ready. Take the time to be sure little kids know their address and phone numbers, and practice the walk to school or the school bus. If older kids have been staying up late all summer, start setting bedtimes back so they’re ready to rise and shine.

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