6 Tips to Keep in Mind as You Prepare for a Home Inspection

home-inspectionBy Keith Loria

Preparing your home for its market debut can seem overwhelming, but making repairs or taking care of anything cosmetic that needs to be fixed is an important piece of the puzzle. And for those looking to sell, taking the time to prepare for an inspection is just as important—if not more so.

Whether your inspection is right around the corner—or a few months down the road—consider the following tips so that you and your home are prepared well before inspection day arrives.

1. Remove clutter. Don’t make your inspector’s job any harder by neglecting to move items that may make it difficult to get to the basement, bathroom and even the far corners of the house. Not only will the inspector need to look at every room, he or she will also have to examine the walls, ceilings and floors, in addition to looking closely at the outside of the home. Make sure walkways are clear of any and all clutter so that your inspector can easily see everything he or she needs to see.

2. Remember the attic. Your home inspector will also want to take a peek at the attic, so be sure there’s a walkable path for easy access. It’s also important to make sure the opening isn’t blocked by anything. And be sure to clean up any dust or cobwebs ahead of time.

3. Turn utilities on. You don’t want to hold up the inspector, so make sure all the major components of the house are up and running. This includes the water, power and gas. If the house utilizes fuel oil, make sure there’s enough oil to fill the furnace so that there are no delays.

4. Clear space to the fuse box. Electrical panels are an important part of any home inspection, and since they are often located in areas with limited access such as storage rooms or closets, visibility is often an issue. Therefore, it’s crucial that these spaces are easy to get to. It’s also a good idea to replace light bulbs in these areas so that there’s enough light to see clearly.

5. Keep pets at bay. The last thing you want is an inspection to get off on the wrong foot because your pet jumped on the inspector upon his arrival, or started barking incessantly. Not everyone loves animals the way you might, and an aggressive pet can be problematic. When inspection day arrives, be sure to keep your pet confined to one room. Or, better yet, take your furry friend out for a walk or set up a playdate in advance.

6. Make plans. While you may be inclined to tag along on the home inspection, the truth is, homeowners only get in the way of the process. And the inspector really doesn’t want you there. Instead, do something fun with your friends, go see a movie or take care of things that need to get done before moving day arrives.

Planning ahead will not only result in a smoother home inspection, but a happy outcome as well.

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