5 Ways to Make an Entrance

There’s nothing quite like the feeling when you first walk through the front door of someone’s home. A combination of sights, sounds and smells combine to give you an initial impression of the dwelling you’ve just entered. Want to make sure your home makes a statement right from the get-go? Here are five design ideas that help add interest and personality to your entryway:

Play with paint. Who says an entryway has to be neutral? Let it set the stage as soon as people walk in with a boldly painted accent wall, front door or ceiling. Or perhaps go for a show-stopping mural or stenciled words that deliver a welcoming message or thoughtful quote.

Install a multi-purpose built-in or shop for a piece of furniture that turns your entryway into a practical and stylish stop on your way in or out of the house. Make sure it has storage for hats, gloves, jackets and umbrellas, and provides a place to sit and put your shoes on, or just linger for an extended goodbye or a chat with the neighbor who stopped by to return your leaf blower. Paint it a fun color and prop it with cozy seat cushions to make it a real focal point of your entrance.

Experiment with architectural elements like wainscoting, crown molding or chair rail, because who says you can’t get fancy in the entryway? You could also do a little masonry work around the interior of your front door with brick or stone for a Mediterranean feel.

Hang a mini art gallery by using your entryway to showcase some of your most inspiring artwork. This could also be a great spot for a photo display—think artistic black and whites or a place to chronicle family history.

Add plenty of personal touches. Make sure your entryway has at least a couple of spots reserved for warm, personal touches so that your house says “you” as soon as people open the front door. Have a tabletop to show off your horticultural interests, a unique mirror, an antique pendant lamp or a favorite antique or piece of artwork. The goal is to make your entrance feel like home…your home.

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