5 Tips for Sparkling Bathroom Tiles

Regardless of how clean your bathroom may actually be, grimy bathroom tiles or grout immediately make your washroom look less-than-pristine. To help keep your tiles sparkling, consider the following tips and tweaks.

Heat your tiles up. Before you scrub your tiles, try running hot water over them–particularly helpful for shower or sink tiles. The heat has been shown to significantly increase the effectiveness of certain alkaline cleaners.

Spread cleaner evenly. Don’t spread your cleaner as you go. Before you clean your tiles, spread your chosen cleaner evenly across your tile surface with a rag or other soft cloth. Depending on the instructions of your cleaning solution, you may want to let the cleaner sit anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours before digging in. Other cleaners allow you to get right to it.

Clean from top to bottom. Once you’ve spread your cleaner and let it sit if necessary, start working on your tiles from top to bottom, to ensure any dirt or grime you dig up won’t trickle down to tiles that have already been cleaned.

Use the right tools. While a rag may be fine for tiles in great shape, old tooth bushes or other soft-bristled brushes may be necessary for really getting into tile grout, especially if there is staining by mold or mildew. Q-tips soaked in cleaner or the end of a toothbrush may be great for getting into hard-to-access corners.

Play with different cleaners. Don’t get stuck on the same cleaning solution time-after-time. Play with various cleaners, including those you can make yourself. Try mixing one cup of hot water with one cup of white vinegar, one cup salt and two tablespoons of dishwashing soap.

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