4 Ways to Keep the Outside Activities Going

4 Ways to Keep the Outside Activities Going

treksta-no-lace-hiking-shoes_hIf you’re like a lot of people, that first nip in the air sends you running for the couch and the clicker, ready to start a binge-watching bonanza until the spring thaw signifies it’s safe to head outdoors again.

But don’t relinquish your outdoor activities yet! The crisp autumn air and sun’s natural vitamin D dosage are important for your health, not to mention the calorie burn that accompanies outdoor activity vs. indoor lounging. Here are some great ways to stay outside this fall and beyond. Save the binge watching for frigid temps and inhospitable weather conditions.

Celebrate the season. 

Weather it’s apples, pumpkins, cider or whatever your local harvest happens to be, get out there and pick some, make some or buy some. Participate in the festivities and take a hayride, a tour of a local farm or a culinary class.

Visit the zoo. 

Now is a great time to visit the nearest zoo. Without the summer vacation crowds and camps, you’ll be able to stroll at your own pace and get up close and personal with the wildlife.

Head to the city. 

Fall is the ideal time to spend a day or a weekend in a nearby city. Check out your favorite shops and museums or grab tickets to that show you’ve been wanting to see.

Take a hike. 

Throw a blanket and a few picnic items in your backpack and head out for a hike and lunch in a picturesque spot. Just dress in layers so you’re prepared for temperature changes throughout the day.

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