4 Ways to Decorate with White

If you’re considering a room or home redesign, you may want to get creative with your use of the color white. While sometimes discarded as boring or difficult to maintain, the color white is timeless, easy to pair with other colors, and surprisingly versatile. Consider the following ideas.

Incorporate white from the top down. Ground your color theme with a bright rug or dark furniture, then layer white into your space from the top down. Start with a white ceiling, white curtains, and white walls or artwork.

Whitewash the full room. If you really want to lighten a space, or make a small room look larger, consider decorating completely with white to blur your design lines and give the impression you’re walking into a cloud. White furniture, walls, ceiling, curtains, rugs and art can create a soft, seamless wintry look.

Draw attention to a statement piece. Similar to the whitewash effect, consider decorating an entire room with white, then adding a bold statement piece or a few color pops. A red sofa or throw pillows will really stand out in a sea of white, or a bright yellow coffee table paired with accompanying curtains to tie the room together.

Layers of white. Despite what you may think, there are many shades of white, from crisp clean whites to creamy eggshell whites or those tinted with beige or even purple. Consider layering a few different shades of white between your paint, furniture and accents for an interesting take on the whitewash appeal.

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