Winter Home Safety Tips

Because freezing temperatures and snowfall continue to impact much of the country this winter, homeowners must ensure their property stays safe throughout the season and beyond. Note these safety measures to protect against: Power Outages Install back-up generators to power all of your home’s critical systems including sump pumps, security and fire alarm... (more)

Tips to Maximize Space in Every Room

Current trending of lifestyles, whether it may be empty-nesters, first time home buyers or the economy, have left people with smaller spaces. There are several ways that you can maximize storage just by thinking ahead and taking steps to stay organized. Designate a spot A crucial rule to always follow when trying to conserve space is to give every item its own... (more)

Three Ways to Become More Eco-Friendly at Home

Whether you’re motivated by a workplace initiative, a personal goal or the opportunity to teach your children lifelong positive habits, now is a great time to become more environmentally friendly. Here are three ways you and your family can create positive environmental change starting today:   Recycle Research shows that less than 2% of waste in the United... (more)

8 Home Renovations That Will Pay You Back

By Barbara Pronin When you own a home, it seems like there is almost always something you would like to do to make it more comfortable, attractive, or eco-friendly. But, home remodeling experts tell us, if you plan to sell your home at some point, put your time and effort into one of more of these renovations proven to pay you back because they increase the value... (more)

Keep the Cold from Freezing Your Pipes, Ruining Your Home

Recently, I received a notice from Aquarion Water Company, one of the largest privately owned water utilities in the country, warning all its northern tier customers of a chilling fact – every winter, unsuspecting property owners experience catastrophic frozen pipe bursts. Unprotected pipes and water meters can freeze and expand within hours of the onset... (more)

A More Robust Year for Housing in 2015

By Michael Neal NAHB hosted an economic and housing outlook seminar at its International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas inviting Frank Nothaft, chief economist at Freddie Mac, and David Berson, chief economist at Nationwide Insurance, to join David Crowe to discuss the outlook for 2015. Here’s the highlights. A strengthening labor market, low interest rates, improving... (more)

Setting a Household Budget and Sticking to It

Despite a growing economy, many Americans still struggle with money management at home. If you’re experiencing challenges financially, there’s hope. According to financial publisher, establishing a foolproof budget is key to eliminating debt, saving both short and long term, and building wealth. Here’s how to do it… 1. Record all expenditures.... (more)

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