Hottest Fireplace Trends for 2014

Hottest fireplace trends for 2014 are on this year’s agenda! Hottest fireplace trends for 2014 are on this year’s agenda! Over the years, fireplaces have been a familiar feature in many homes, however until very recently, they have undergone very little change from the traditional hearth. According to Napoleon Fireplaces, 2014 is heating up to be... (more)

Home Improvements? Yes, Please!

Want to spruce up your home this year? Well, I will start by saying that making a New Year’s resolution is common, and many people set goals for ways to improve themselves. If you have set a goal to lose weight, learn a new skill or get promoted, congratulations. But while you are striving to attain your personal goal, have you ever thought of setting a... (more)

Should I Always Get a Permit Before Making Home Improvements?

  Is getting a permit always a must before making home improvements? To save both time and money, some people avoid getting building permits. But most cities require them. Besides ensuring safety during construction – housing inspectors sometimes stop by to check on the progress of projects at key points – they are also a source of revenue. Cities charge... (more)

New Year, New Look: Home Design Trends of 2014

SONY DSC Cool, soft colors, open spaces with natural lighting and modern, angular details are the top home design trends of 2014, according to newly released information by Pulte Homes. “Many of the prevailing trends from 2013 will be seen in 2014, but with a softer and more modern edge,” said Janice Jones, vice president of merchandising for PulteGroup,... (more)

When to Repair and When to Replace?!

Deciding when to repair and when to replace a broken product often feels like an expensive guess. “Repairing broken items or keeping them going as long as possible isn’t always the best way to save money,” says Celia Kuperszmid-Lehrman, Deputy Content Editor of Home and Appliances for Consumer Reports. “Our report spells out how much repairs... (more)

Why 2013 Might Be Housing's Best Year Ever!

After nearly a decade of disaster that reached levels of despair not seen since the Great Depression, 2013 was more than a turnaround year. Within its short life, it changed housing from a liability to an asset so favorable that it had the power to take the rest of the nation’s economy along for its ride upward, in the eyes of the Bernankes and Obamas. In some... (more)

5 Tips for Improving Financial Fitness in 2014!

credit New Year’s resolutions are nothing new, and, according to the credit reporting firm Transunion, nearly 40 percent of Americans say they will make at least one big financial change in their life next year. More than 32 percent say they will save more money, while 28 percent vow to pay down debt, and 27 percent saying they will eliminate unnecessary expenses. No... (more)

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