Tips for a Clean, Guest-Ready Home


Now is the season for enjoying some time with family and friends. With a little planning, you can minimize time spent on daily chores and maximize time spent creating memories with guests. Here are a few quick tips to clean and prep your home for get-togethers, anytime day or night. Load the dishwasher first. When Read More

Late Summer is Perfect for Planting around your Property


By John Voket Recently, I chatted with Ed Hume ( for some ideas about the best things to put into the ground this fall, so you can enjoy the beauty and bounty of your property into winter and well into next season. Hume suggests late summer plantings should include: Fall Vegetables – Start fall and Read More

Beautiful Green Lawns Boost Neighborhood, Resale Values


By John Voket Curb appeal is one thing, but healthy green lawns also contribute to the amount of green homeowners might command when selling a home. A recent post from Grass Seed USA – a national coalition of grass seed farmers and academic turf specialists ( – reveals how homes and homeowners in neighborhoods flush Read More

Cool & Easy Painting Projects for a Sizzling Summer Day


I know it’s one thing to intent to complete that little paint gin project, and it’s another to buckle down and do it – especially at the height of sizzling summer! But the folks at the Paint Quality Institute say there are loads of small-scale painting projects that can easily be completed early in the Read More

Be Wary of Fall Home Maintenance Scams


When autumn arrives, many homeowners prepare their homes for cooler weather by hiring specialists to clean and make repairs. Be mindful of cons during this time of year – scammers use this opportunity to swindle homeowners out of thousands of dollars for unnecessary work. Be way of these four scams typically advertised during the fall Read More

3 Ways to Avoid Getting Outbid on Your New Home


“Bidding for a home can get pretty feisty in today’s market,” said Gibran Nicholas, Chairman of CMPS Institute, an organization that trains and certifies mortgage bankers and brokers. “In some cases, you may be competing with more than 12 other buyers who are bidding on the same property. ”Here are three potential solution to avoid Read More

Why Replace It When You Can Paint It


By John Voket I recently became acquainted with Lisa Kaplan Gordon, a builder of luxury homes in McLean, VA. She has published a wonderful guide to help evaluate whether homeowners can refresh certain areas or furnishings with a new coat of paint. In this first of several segments, we’ll look at a couple of unconventional Read More

New Kitchen Floor Choices: Is One Right for You?


By Barbara Pronin The kitchen floor, besides being practical, has becomes a major design statement – with a bigger choice of colors, styles and textures available today than ever before. “You need to consider practicality first,” said Home and Garden TV’s Katie Allison Granju. “How much time do you spend in the kitchen? What’s most Read More

Tips to Reduce Moving Stress

Happy couple in their new home concept

You’ve found the perfect neighborhood and the ideal house for your family. But before you can settle in you have to cross one more dreaded hurdle: moving day. “Finding a new home is a wonderful and exciting experience, but moving can be overwhelming — juggling packing, moving essential belongings and transforming your new house into Read More

Customize Your Home with Hassle-Free Design


(BPT) – Conventional wisdom holds that in order to achieve a custom look in your home decor you either have to spend a bundle hiring professionals, or invest countless hours of hard work doing it yourself. In the Internet age, however, it’s easier than ever to achieve the look of custom home decor without the Read More