Hottest Fireplace Trends for 2014

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Hottest fireplace trends for 2014 are on this year’s agenda! Over the years, fireplaces have been a familiar feature in many homes, however until very recently, they have undergone very little change from the traditional hearth. According to Napoleon Fireplaces, 2014 is heating up to be a very different year for the fireplace. Fireplaces are becoming Read More

Home Improvements? Yes, Please!

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Want to spruce up your home this year? Well, I will start by saying that making a New Year’s resolution is common, and many people set goals for ways to improve themselves. If you have set a goal to lose weight, learn a new skill or get promoted, congratulations. But while you are striving to Read More

When to Repair and When to Replace?!

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Deciding when to repair and when to replace a broken product often feels like an expensive guess. “Repairing broken items or keeping them going as long as possible isn’t always the best way to save money,” says Celia Kuperszmid-Lehrman, Deputy Content Editor of Home and Appliances for Consumer Reports. “Our report spells out how much Read More